You must have an appointment in order to be serviced. We will allot certain timing for each appointment with time to sanitize in between clients. Being specific on what you would like done during your appointment is very helpful. There will only be one client per stylist. This is to avoid too many persons inside the building and maintaining a controlled, easily sanitized environment. Children 5 and younger may be accompanied by 1 adult. Please make arrangements to have someone in the car if you have multiple children. Do Not leave children in the vehicle unattended. This is a criminals perfect set up, we do not want to open that window of opportunity.

Arriving for appointments:

Upon arrival, a number will be listed to call out front to notify your stylist that you are here. Your stylist will notify you when to come in, so please remain outside the building.

A station will be set up near the entrance to wash your hands and take your temperature. Temperatures 99.5 or higher will be asked to reschedule to a date when they have been fever free for 48 hrs. Please wear your masks. We wear a mask to protect you and your families. Its up to you to protect us and our families.

GIVE A MINIMUM OF 24HR NOTICE FOR CANCELLATIONS. If you are more then 10 mins late for an appointment please contact the salon, we may need to reschedule your appointment. The schedule will be extremely tight. What is just 15 mins to you, will domino effect the rest of the days schedule, and irritate other appointments.

What an experience this is going to be! No matter the rules, the other stylists and I are glad to be back, making people feel like a million bucks!!! I know I can speak for the whole Saloon crew when I say, WE HAVE MISSED YOU ALL!!! We plan to go above and beyond to keep our Saloon Family (clients) SAFE!!!!

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